Kiss me, babe!

People insist on critisizing what they don’t know about, they simply cannot see what I feel for Mandy. Before I met her I was a loser, nothing but a poor man that spoke to himself in the darkness of his room. A poor loser someone would find dead alone any day in his house. Dead without a single glimpse of what happiness means.

But one day she came into my life. Thanks to the Internet. Thanks to these modern times, I found what I so much needed. The choice wasn’t easy, it’s not easy to know where’s the trick. Whether you like better blonde or brunette, whether pictures are authentic or Photoshop has made any resemblance to reality pure coincidence. Until one day you know it. You know that’s the right one.

After Mandy finally got home, there was a somehow complex adaptation period. I wasn’t sure how to behave and what was best for her. We enjoyed many moments together, tough, mostly erotic. You know, at first passion is really strong. Later I started to feel more relaxed around her and find pleasure in the small things: things like laying down together in the sofa, caressing her skin, kissing her slowly or talking to her until dawn.

Mandy is quiet, she’d rather listen, and I like that. I don’t feel lonely anymore. I know everytime I need her she’s there for me. I just need to take her out of the box. Cause Mandy is made out of silicone. And it’s worth each and everyone of the 10.000$ I paid for her.

I love her. Even though some say it is not real, even though most think I’m sick, even though no one understands. Mandy is the woman of my life because Mandy is what I always wanted. Someone made by and for me.


Note: This story is based on true stories, because real life beats fiction everytime. If you don’t believe me, check the documentary series “Love me, Love my doll”