iPSC can help revert brain stroke damage in mice

iPSC can revert brain stroke damage

For a long time it has been posed that induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSC in short have a great potential in the treatment of certain health issues, what’s more, attending to the results of a recently published study in the journal PNAS, iPSC can be helpful to revert brain stroke damage in mice.

Sara Palma-Tortosa and colleagues found that in mice, the transplantation of iPSC into stroke-affected brains led to a functional recovery associated with the succesful integration of these cells into the neural network.

iPSC are cells that though originally having a specific function they can be reversed to a more undifferentiated state and from there evolve to other cell types. In these case, the used iPSC were expected to differentiate into neurons, once transplanted into the damaged brains of post-stroke mice.

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