Ghostly bodies

In case you haven’t  noticed yet, I am in love with photography and today thanks to Croig Gagnon and Frank Schott I bring you the results of an amazing project. A look into the human body as you have never seen before together with a story, a curious one to say the least…

The project’s called 12:31, the time of the death of Joseph Paul Jernigan. An american convict that died in an american prison accused of the crime of killing an old man when he entered his house to try steal his microwave. Sad stupid death, if you ask me…
before he died, though, he donated his body to science so that it could be used in the advance of the understanding of human anatomy -the goal of the Human Visible Project initiative- For that purpose his body was embedded in a mixture of water and gelatin that allowed for cutting it into thin slices (1mm slices). If not inside this substance the body could not have been sectioned, if frozen it would have been impossible, if not it would have decomposed. Then, each of the sections was photographed until they got to have the reconstruction you can see in the video.

Best of all are these ghostly images of the whole body taken from the whole body while shown on a screen with long exposure times, which allows for these images of long volumeless figures. Another wonder for Science and Art, and this time with a story behind it. Check the original website of the project, it’s really worth a look!


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  1. Muy profundo, una entrada muy transparente, me has dejado blanco. XD!

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