Blood is certainly NOT the eternal youth elixir

Do you really think that's the answer? Photocredit: DtheZombie
Do you really think that’s the answer? Photocredit: DtheZombie

We live in a society permanently obsesed with the idea of youth. Therefore, it is not surprising to find supposedly miraculous potions, ointments and elixirs that offer precisely that. But the idea of permanent youth is not a new idea, it comes from way back, as does the notion that young blood would help rejuvenate those chosen by the powers-to-be. But how much truth is there in those legends of old?

The answer is provided by science, as could not be otherwise. Very recently, in a short article in Nature, Justin Rebo and colleagues dismantled this notion while proving that the opposite is also true. Meaning? That even though drinking or getting a transfusion with young blood won’t help  you get rid of your wrinkles, old blood could have undesirable effects on adult neurogenesis, among others.

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