2 cents for Science, please

For those of you who still haven’t noticed. Things are getting tough out there. I am not talking about Germany…yet, but all over the world cuts in science funding are becoming more than an anecdote. It’s taking place in the States, in the UK, even in “rich” countries such as Holland there are some issues. But if there is a place where this situation has become unsustainable is Spain, my homeland. (I guess Italy, Portugal and Greece might share our situation but I don’t know how bad it is there…)

Back in 2000, when I started at University, they already spoke of the phenomenon of the “runaway brains” meaning that the most brilliant, most qualified people in the country had to leave and go abroad in the search for a decent life-career. Now, I am one of those “brains” and I believe things are only to get worse. There has been a 600million cut in the research budget for the next 4 years, no more positions available and the number of scholarships grossly reduced. In this scenario, who’s left to do Science?

I bring you, well, more like sonicando does, a video. science without scientists

Cero Plazas from Felix G. on Vimeo.

Let’s just hope YOUR country is not next…