PhD life. In a vortex.

Here the most important result of my experiments last week, or so it is if you ask me -low motivation days-. And days like these are depicted in the first of the photo series I bring you, because our life is a whirl. Not just because we spend our days doing experiments and going from here to there all the time but because our motivation and/or frustration go up and down like in a constant vortex. And from there my inspiration for these pictures that are nothing but three letters made out of polystyrene in a 50ml Falcon tube floating in water dyed with FastGreen (a dye we use to colour cells). And a vortex mixer. Because we need to shake those letters! To reveal those days when we are down, when we feel everything’s gonna be ok and we are going up up up and when finally we see the end.

We took the pictures with high speed and regular aperture, no flash because we used a backlight for extra illumination without having to raise too much the ISO sensitivity and lower the noise. And then some Photoshop magic to change the colours to the actual “almost like blood” you can see now.

I hope this way you can get closer to the feeling we experience on this side of the three letters 😛

PhD life

Acknowledgements: my collaborator in crime Onur Gopke.

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  1. Now I understand the meaning of that “quizás en inglés”… it took me a while discover the english link on the side of your page to view english versions.
    Is not easy to keep a blog updated in both languages, congratulations for that.
    Cheers 🙂

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