To say something about my childhood here would be as irrelevant as to talk about my caffeinated drink of preference so I will just bluff a bit of my background, right? that at least is more related to the reason I started this blog back in 2008.

I studied biochemistry in a northern Spanish University and by the time I finished in 2005 I had already experimented with applied genetics in Holland and decided to start a scientific career back in Madrid. I -as every other PhD- was a poor, scholarship funded trainee in Immunology for 2 years, after which I found that both the field and those scientific methods were not for me. So I left again for Barcelona, where I took the side of the work force, with a working contract as a lab tech, and there I realized you need those three letters (PhD) after your name if you want to be taken seriously in science. SO once again, and since I hadn’t really fallen in love with systems biology, I changed fields and moved countries to start my graduate studies in neuroscience in the Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology in Germany, and now I am finally a Frau Doktor!

After many disappointments I decided to leave the bench and take my career out of Academia and into the real world. However, I will still be reading and writing about science, not only here but also for money, can I ask for more?

From these years I have a bunch of scientific articles, some diplomas, more frustrations and even more valuable lessons, and above it all the motivation to keep on writing! about science.