Vote…in OpenLab2013!

Good morning girls and boys, I really hope you have enjoyed breakfast (with or without brains, to your liking) I also hope you have seen the last line in the post where I kindly (wink wink) ask you to submit the post to OpenLab2013. What is that and why I ask?

Bora Zivkovik explains it fully in ScientificAmerican but I tell you here in short. The Open Laboratory is an initiative of a group of bloggers that started already in 2006 as a compilation of the best science blog entries of the year as voted by blog readers and/or bloggers, obviously. This compilation became a book, and a tradition that has been kept over the years and up to now, to yours truly.

So please, if you like any of what you read here, vote it, but also don’t forget to vote for all those that have made an impact on you, be it for its clarity, its thoroughness, its style or just because you had fun reading them and recommend!!

Let’s make the blogosphere get the acknowledgement it deserves!

And don’t forget to vote 😉

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