Lighten up! Project NEURON.E.R.D

Creative protocol 1.0
Code name: NEURON.E.R.D

1)Take a lightbulb holder from an old Ikea lamp -previously broken- accidentally or not.

2)Get cloth, a needle, and some thread -no need to use a sterile one- to make a base to support the lightbulb holder. To provide some weight, fill it up with pebbles or sand -if you’re lucky enough to live by the beach-

3)Now comes the hardest part. Get your hands on a brain scan or some cool X-ray and shape them as you like -cylinderlike, pyramidlike, you name it- If they’re yours it would make it a really cool story to tell if not, you can always ask your doctor for old ones no one might want, that’s what I did.

Expected result:


I know, I know…I am a GEEK. But I DO love my new lamp. Confess: isn’t it really cool? 😀

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